OBA – on a special baobab mission

Limpopo Province, South Africa, © Heike Pander

Limpopo Province, South Africa, © Heike Pander

In October 2017 I had a BBC interview about my interest in baobabs. It was broadcasted and Audrey Dauvet happened to listen to my stories. She was intrigued and decided to contact me. Her interest was special: she wanted to visit the baobab areas in the Limpopo Province where Dr. Sarah Venter, a baobab ecologist and entrepreneur buys baobab fruit from women in rural communities.

Limpopo Province, South Africa, © Heike Pander

I agreed to join her on her mission. In May 2018 we travelled to Zwigodini Village in the Limpopo Province. We met baobab fruit collectors and baobab guardians who volunteered to take care of a little baobab saplings. I conducted interviews and took plenty of photographs. Part of our team were Zofia Borucka Moreno from New York and Awonke Zidlele from Johannesburg.

Meanwhile Audrey and Zofia worked on their project idea and intend to market a healthy beverage called OBA in New York. The major ingredient will be the fruit powder of the baobab.

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