Photo Presentations

Currently two live photo presentations are on offer. Both are designed in a combination of photographs, music, sounds and live comments. If you are interested to learn more – please contact me HERE.

”Baobabs – Giants of the Savannah“

A photo live presentation which focuses on Baobabs of the Southern African Region. This presentation is the result of several journeys. I visited Baobab locations in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. There I collected stories, myths and other remarkable on site information about the trees. For approximately 90 miuntes I will take you on a very individual journey to the giants and introduce interesting facts about them. For example how the trees and their fruit, bark, leaves and roots were used in former times and today by the people living in the vicinity. Discover the World of Baobabs with me!


Book presentation here

“Travel Acquaintances”

A live photo presentation about my motorcycle adventure tour in search of motives for my paintings and stories that I came about while travelling in the Southern African Region. Most of my recent animal and baobab portraits were travelling acquaintances that I have met during said motorcycle tour. For example various encounters with animals or the giant baobabs in Tsumkwe, Namibia, or in the Northern part of South Africa. Epupa Falls with its spectacular baobabs is presented as well as the giants living in Malawi, Sambia, Simbabwe – along the road or hidden deeply in the bush. The presentation is about the people I have met, spectacular landscapes, animals and plants I have come accross. The presentation takes 45 minutes.


Book presentation here

07.04.2017Photo Presentation "Giants of the Savannah" on the occasion of the group exhibition "Close Images - Far Horizons", Cooperation of Art Association ZPAP Gliwice and Bundesverband für Bildende Künstlerinnen und Künstler Bonn Rhein/Sieg at the KünstlerforumBonn
26/09/2015Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", including a Baobab Special, Exhibition "Grenzgänger", annual exhibition of the Art Association BBK Bonn Rhein/SiegRheinbrohl
27/10/2014Photo Presentation "Baobabs - Giants of the Savannah", Flora, Botanical GardenCologne
06/10/2014Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", including a Baobab Special, Kunstverein Bad GodesbergBonn
21/09/2014Photo Presentation "Baobabs - Giants of the Savannah", Matinee, Umfulana Travels Agency Kürten
31/08/2014Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", including a Baobab Special, Finissage Flora, Botanical Garden Cologne
27/06/2014Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", including a Baobab Special, Fairtrade International Bonn
07/06/2014Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", Pfingst-Braai, including a Baobab Special, Namibia-Forum Engelskirchen
30/04/2014Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", including a Baobab Special, Art Exhibition "Art is opinionated", Kunsthalle Siegburg
05/04/2014Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", including a Baobab Special, Travels Agency "Wikinger-Reisen" Bonn
16/02/2014Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", Including a Baobab Special, Travels Agency Via Verde, Bad Godesberg Bonn
11/04/2013Photo Presentation "Travel Acquaintances", Including Baobab Special, Zoo Cologne