“Crossing Borders”: Exhibition of BBK Bonn Rhein/Sieg

"Grenzgänger" Plakat Jahresausstellung

“Grenzgänger” Plakat Jahresausstellung

The annual exhibition of BBK Bonn Rhein-Sieg takes place from 11.09. to 27.09. at the former “Kunstwerft” at Rheinbrohl. The official opening starts at 7 pm. On Friday, 25.09., Jürgen Laue reads from his book „Römisch Roulette“. On Saturday, 26.09. at 7 pm I will present photographs of my travel adventures in Southern Africa. You will be able to see many “border crossers” and “travel acquaintances”. Four of my paintings are part of the exhibition “crossing borders” („Grenzgänger“ – African Buffalo, African Elephant, Rabbit and “Kurt” the wild boar. The exhibition will be on display until 27.09. The finissage takes place at 3 pm.

I am looking forward to your visit!

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