“Druckfrisch” – Group Exhibition

In March 2018 the German UNESCO included prints in the list of intangible cultural heritage for Germany. This was an important date for the mostly old printing techniques, because slowly but surely they are threatened to be forgotten. The “Printmaking Day” is intended to counteract this forgetting. This year it took place for the second time on March 15th. On this occasion, many events were to take place nationwide, including an open day at our “Werkstatt Künstlerische Lithographie Berlin”. Due to the restrictions caused by the consequences of the Corona Pandemic, we unfortunately had to cancel our open day and the opening of our exhibition “Druckfrisch”. Nevertheless, we do hope that we can make up for this event in the course of the summer. I am participating in this group exhibition with one of my prints, a little hedgehog.

Igel, Radierung, Heike Pander

Igel, Radierung, Heike Pander

Printmaking includes, for example, lithography (planographic printing), etching and aquatint (intaglio printing) and woodcut and linocut (relief printing). These techniques can be learned and applied in the Lithowerkstatt.

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