Book “111 reasons to love South Africa”

"111 Gründe, Südafrika zu lieben", Heike Pander, 2019
“111 reasons to love South Africa”


Publication of book 10/2019


My book “111 Reasons to love South Africa” has been available in bookshops (online, bookstore or at the publisher Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Berlin) since 2019. In spring 2019 the idea to write this book landed on my desk unexpectedly. I briefly thought about whether 111 reasons could be identified and written in the short time given by the publisher. I quickly realized that this was no problem at all – at the end of the project I could have written another book with good reasons to love South Africa… In July I was able to hand in the manuscript, and in autumn the work was on the market. I am still very pleased with the professional cooperation with my agency and the publisher. I am also very happy that I was able to publish a book on this topic of all things, because bad news about South Africa end up in Germany more than enough…


Here are some of the reasons as a little appetizer for you: Because they are simply gigantic: Baobabs. Because South Africa has the longest wine route in the world. Because South Africa is the Rainbow Nation. Because you don’t build a house, but one room after another. Because Mama Africa has enchanted the whole world with Pata Pata. Because dung beetles leave their offspring in deep shit. Because animals have right of way and traffic jams can be fun. Because you can survive as a vegetarian in the land of meat-eaters and chicken is not considered to be meat. Because it can get frightening spending a night alone in a tent. Because I shed tears for Stephen Bantu Biko although I did not even know him. Because Kimberley is closer to the center of the earth. Because the wild starry sky is the most breathtaking.


Buch 111 Gründe, Südafrika zu lieben
“111 reasons to love South Africa”

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