Presstrip: Franconian Beer Treasures

Bierverkostung auf Schloss Reichmannsdorf, Heike Pander

Bierverkostung auf Schloss Reichmannsdorf, Heike Pander


The sun shines merrily from the sky, the birds are singing and the atmosphere is exuberant showing a lot of activity in Franconia’s beer gardens. Of course, the “golden” barley juice, brewed in accordance with the German Purity Law, is the most popular of the beverages consumed here. Lindner Hotels had invited me to Bamberg for a press trip. I gladly accepted this invitation, because I had never been to Bamberg before. The people in the region had reason to celebrate this year, as it was the 500th anniversary of the Purity Law.

Besides visiting historical sites in Bamberg, I climbed on the beautiful treetop path in the Steigerwald and spent the nights in the beautiful castle Reichmannsdorf with a view of the scenic golf course and the photogenic breeding stork couple on the roof. Of course we had an impressive beer tasting – including Craft Beers. I especially remembered a beer called “motor oil” – it actually tasted a bit like the real thing…

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