Motorbike Journey

A few years ago my husband Matthias and I took a year “off” – time to travel with our two motorbikes from Germany to Capetown in South Africa. “Not all went as planned” as a German magazine for motorcycle travel enthusiasts “Motorrad Abenteuer” titled our travel report we could publish with them in March/April 2012. The title was very true because the route we had to take was quite different from the one we had started out with. Different reasons contributed to our change of plan but most of all the fact that we could not get the visas for entering the Sudan. We changed plans and started the tour where it was supposed to end: in Capetown. After some technical difficulties with one of our motorbikes we travelled to Namibia, Botsuana, Zambia, Malawi, Mosambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa again, Swaziland and Lesotho. Such a long trip brings many impressions and experiences which I try to bring to paper with my paintings and a book.

For Download of paper in GERMAN – klick on link:


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