Jane Goodall – a Lifelong Love for Chimpanzees

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Jane Goodall enters the stage at the huge greenhouse of the Botanical Garden in Berlin. She utters very strange sounds – a greeting in chimpanzee language. With that she has the full attention of the crowd from her very first sound until the end of the evening.  A very impressive performance.

She switches to English and tells us the story of her lifetime. Her enthusiasm and love for life can be felt – her contributions are interesting, entertaining and moving at the same time.

Jane Goodall, Botanischer Garten Berlin

Jane Goodall, Botanical Garden, Berlin

From my early childhood on I followed documentaries and stories about Jane Goodall. She is a world famous chimpanzee researcher born in the UK. In the 1990s, I was fortunate to participate in one of her presentations at the Zoological Society in Frankfurt/Germany. She signed one of her books for me and I am still proud to own it.

To me, another dream comes true – roughly 20 years later I am able to see her again. I bought one of the last tickets for a charity event in the Botanical Garden of Berlin in June.

Jane Goodall mit Mr. H, Botanischer Garten, Berlin

Jane Goodall with Mr. H, Botanical Garden, Berlin

At her age of more than 80 years the researcher and activist claims to still travel more than 300 days each year – all over the world to make her story and concerns known to her audience.

Her main topics are not only chimpanzees. In the 1980s she committed her time and work to environmental issues and animal rights. She became an activist.

To her it is very important that she addresses the younger generations, too. With “Roots & Shoots” she has initiated a program with a focus on young people. It supports them to initiate their own environmental projects.

Jane Goodall's Affe "Mr. H"

Jane Goodall’s Monkey “Mr. H”

After an intense mixture of live commentary, videos from her work and lovely music the official part of the evening comes to an end. Nevertheless the lady does not disappear backstage immediately. She takes her time to get in touch with her audience and sits at a little table, patiently signing books surrounded by her young and old fans.

Signierstunde mit Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall signing Books

Full Text in GERMAN: HERE

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