Grow Baobabs from Seeds

Baobab Samen in Herzform, Heike Pander

Baobab Samen in Herzform, Heike Pander

For many years I have experimented with taking care of baobabs and how to grow them from seeds successfully. As it may seem very easy for those who live with baobabs in their natural environment it proves a bit more complicated for baobab enthusiasts in other climate zones – for example in Europe where we experience frost during winter.

Little baobabs do not survive cold temperatures and they do not like strong winds. I found out that even if one manages to have the seeds germinate, the little trees are still very sensitive and need good care. But first of all one has to overcome the challenge of having the seeds germinate at all. The task becomes easier if you follow a few steps which the 5 minute video I produced recently will help you with.

In 2014 I set up a website on the topic of baobabs. So if you care to have more information on the giants of the savannahs, check it out here:

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