Exhibition “KunstPumpWerk” at Pumpwerk Siegburg

Einladung zur Ausstellung "KunstPumpWerk", Pumpwerk Siegburg, BBK Bonn-Rhein/Sieg

Einladung zur Ausstellung “KunstPumpWerk”, Pumpwerk Siegburg, BBK Bonn-Rhein/Sieg

The year 2019 starts with a great exhibition: members of the art association BBK Bonn-Rhein/Sieg exhibit their work at the exhibition “KunstPumpWerk” at the old pumping station in Siegburg. I am particularly looking forward to this exhibition as I will be exhibiting baobabs which suit the topic perfectly in my opinion. For me, the trees are true pumping stations, indeed. Upon the onset of the rainy seasons in the countries of their origin, they absorb incredible amounts of water and store it in their trunk and branches. Large specimens can manage over 100,000 litres of water in specially designed cells. Crazy pumping stations they are!

The pumping station in Siegburg is definitely worth a visit. Above ground it looks like a small building. But upon entering it reveals its true size: steps lead down to two more floors which gives space to display beautiful artwork.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 19th January 2019 at 4 pm. A catalogue of the exhibition can be purchased.

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